Night Mirror [unfinished]

by Thiestru

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This song isn't quite finished, but I'm really happy with what I've got so far. It's very much inspired by 'No Exit'-era Fates Warning. Please check it out and let me know what you think!


I. Voices

Long are the sleepless hours
That precede the dawn
They tarry here, awaiting me
To figure out what went wrong

Dreamy moon lights perch on my shoulder
Not unlike familiars
But false as the wisdom of getting older
They don't have any answers

And I hear mares' voices
Some recall my own
It's easy to believe them
'Til I remember I'm alone

I hear doors closing
Moments cast their keys away
But the voices get closer
And I can't understand a word they say

II. Temporal Tomb

Sitting alone in an empty room
The flesh on my neck crawls
It's like I'm living in a tomb
I swear there are faces
Behind me, watching me
The restless spirits
Of remorseful memories

As time flies by everywhere but here
I'm stuck in a prison
Walled in by the years
The past tugs at me
It will not let me be
I watch the future from my window
As it sails away to shores I'll never know

III. Night Mirror [this bit isn't recorded yet]

The weight of goodbye bends my weary back
And sometimes the presence of something
Is not as tangible as the lack
Did you know ghosts roam these halls
As hoary shades of grief?
They make the bed I must sleep in
With my futile dreams of relief

And sometimes I wake in the middle of the night
I see you standing in the mirror, but it's just a trick of the light
A projection from yesterday, so close, so far away
And the voices that I hear are really the specters
Of the words we couldn't say


released July 10, 2014
Ryan Webb - everything



all rights reserved


Thiestru Augusta, Georgia

Thiestru is a solo project created circa 1999. It wasn't called that back then; in fact, it wasn't called anything at first. The name Thiestru was chosen in 2004 when I was looking through a book about Old English and found the word 'Þíestru', meaning 'shades of night'. It's a perfect name for my brand of dark, melancholy, and mostly acoustic music. I hope you enjoy it. Cheers. :) ... more

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